Useful Applications that will Help a Novice Musician

It is very difficult for a beginner to select an appropriate application for use as plenty are available all claim to be perfect.  As a beginner you may not require lots of features needed in the semi-professional and professional set ups.  We can take a look at some of the applications which are tailor made for the beginners and simplify and not complicate life of newbie in this field.  These Apps don’t make you a professional artist or star so to say but definitely give you satisfaction in terms of creativity – the joy of creating your own music.

Figure App

Figure App is a free application by one of the most respected music-tech companies whose products are used by professional musicians. This application though makes sure that you don’t need to know anything about Drums, bass and melody and just go by your gut feeling and make your own music.  You can listen to other loops for inspiration and share your own when you are satisfied with your own music.

Sing Karaoke

This is another free application tailor made for the novice musicians.  The full feature version though comes for 2.29 Pounds.  You can virtually sing along with top singers and share it on the Internet.  If you are really that good you may get a call up from some band for audition.

Ninja Jamm

Ninja Tune made this innovative application for the beginners in mind.  The unique features of this application is that you can purchase pieces of music from top musicians and then remix or sing along with it and then post and share your new modification.


Although this Application is used frequently by the professional musicians but this has some features which are rather simple and can be used by novices.  You can move up the difficulty ladder if you use this Application.  This has been created logically just to do it one step at a time.  GarageBand for windows 10 with its ‘Smart Instrument’ option gives a novice a feel of a modern day music production where most of the music is actually digitally remastered.