Trending Applications for Editing Personal Videos on Mobile

Video Editing has been very popular amongst new generation since various apps knocked down the Play store and App store. In the beginning, video editing was done by professionals in the studios and not everyone was aware with the technology, but now an amateur can entitle himself a video editor using the mobile applications. Although, you don’t need to buy them If want to use for your personal work.

Here, we are going to share some trending apps for editing personal videos.

  1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe, one of the renowned names in software industry has launched mobile version of its successful video editing software-Adobe Premiere. The PC version of it has already captured nearly marketplace from beginners to professionals and now giving tough competition to others on Android and iOS devices. The application comes with all necessary features and user can edit the videos as well in mobile using this app. The user can add music, background effects and small video effects using its Varity of tools. Using the app is quite easy, however if facing issues, one must find youtube video tutorials that make everything easier to a novice as well.

  1. Kinemaster

Well, Kinemaster is another popular app amongst Youtube video makers. The user can do all basic works like adding eye-catching visuals, background effects and sounds etc. to the video using this app. The app costs 4.99$ per month and trial version is also available for a while.

  1. Power Director

Power Director is most comprehensive tool in the list of video editing apps. It has tons of editing features, video effects, audio effects and transitions. The app is generally used for making collage and slow motion works. The app is absolutely free of cost but if you want to use advance features then you’ll have to pay for it.

  1. Quik

Quik is another new generation software and available for free. In the app, the user needs to add up 50 photos and video clips. It contains more than 2 dozen video styles and effects. It’s not like Adobe Premiere but good for a beginner.

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If you find more video apps for mobile then can suggest to us, we’ll add up them into the content.