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Grindr- the app that has become part of the sexual health solution

Grindr has become part of the sexual health solution, this can be said because this application was chosen to be a part of the social media campaign. The campaign focused on creating awareness about the various sexual diseases. Grindr is an application that is well- known and used by a lot of people all across the globe. In the year 2014, Grindr had around 4.5 million users and this application has become one of the most important application for the gay community.

The main reason of sexually transmitted diseases is unprotected sex, and there are a lot of people out there who are not aware about the disease and its causes. To make people aware about the disease and its symptoms, a social media campaign was launched in order to control the rising number of people suffering from this disease. The campaign ran on Grindr for 7 consecutive days, post that it ran on Grindr on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of three consecutive weeks. During that time, whosoever opened the application could see a pop up message. On clicking on that message, the user had to click on the “More” button, and the user would be simultaneously directed to a web page that will provide them information about sexually transmitted diseases.

This campaign was a huge success. During that period of the campaign, Grindr saw around 1897 unique views and the total number of views reached 9812. With the help of this number, we can easily say that the users were reached on a personal level and on an average, a user was reached almost 5 times. The result also showed that an application like Grindr that is one of the most popular application all across the world can be used to run a campaign and communicate an important message to its users. The collaboration between the social media sites and Grindr has helped in creating awareness about HIV and AIDS and Grindr is also in talks with founders of these social media websites as to how they can build healthier communities that will help in preventing these diseases. Grindr also believes that in this world of technology, it is important to derive strategies that will communicate the right message at the designated time.

On the other hand, critics say that Grindr application is also responsible for these sexually transmitted diseases and they also believe that Grindr has led to the rise of unsafe sex practices by giving its users an opportunity.

A Cold War Amongst Chatting Apps

When the smartphones were not known and internet was confined to computers, instant messaging was limited to a couple of desktop applications. When smartphones started becoming smarter, instant messaging became popular on mobiles and SMS was all but replaced. During the early smartphone days, we had very limited choices in IM apps. That’s why there was no confusion in making the choice. But, the quality of messaging was also not too great.

Today, we have plenty of choices. There are so many chatting apps that it becomes somewhat difficult to make the right choice. Of course, WhatsApp has become the obvious choice and nearly everyone with smartphone has this app too. Since everyone is using WhatsApp, it has become more of a necessity than a matter of choice. But, users are always looking for additional messaging applications to find new ways to interact with their friends and family. As a result, many new chatting apps have come to the forefront leading to what we can call a cold war among them.

While WhatsApp is a clear winner here but many more messaging applications are making their presence felt.  You must have definitely heard of and probably used chatting apps like Messenger, Kik app, iMessage and Hangouts. Then we have less popular but still visible apps like WeChat. There is no denying that these apps are giving tough competition to each other and are fiercely vying to stay ahead in the race. Even apps like Kik app have hundreds of millions active users.

Every chatting app offers all the basic messaging services including the ability to send text messages, videos, audio, pictures, docs etc. They also let you make video and audio calls and create group chats. Some of the apps also offer some unique features. For instance, Kik app allows you to create a public group that anyone can look up for and join.

The truth is that majority of the users use only the basic features of the chatting app. This is why it is important for the developers to focus on enhancing the basic qualities. For example, they need to make sure that video calls are without any static and smooth. This is exactly where the cold war happens; getting better and better at the basic services. This gives one app edge over the other.

Here are various apps not available for windows PC and Mac as well. They can be used on Mobiles only so companies can bring their PC version too. Like, If you would like to download Kik messenger for PC or Mac, then you’ll have to find any Android emulator for it. Same thing you’ll face with Whatsapp, Wechat and others. It may help to gain more users to these apps.


4 Apps for Live-Streaming Video

Going live on social media has become very trendy these days. There is always some celebrity or a friend streaming their live videos on Facebook or any other platform. If you want to go live too, here is the list of the top apps you can use.

  1. Periscope

Periscope is a relatively new app but in a very short time it has gained immense popularity. Periscope has been acquired by Twitter and has become a mainstream social media app for live video broadcast. Periscope is mainly for mobile devices but if you wish to use Periscope on PC you can install an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Periscope is a very simple looking app but packs many powerful features. You can choose to go live publicly or privately.

  1. Facebook

Facebook has incorporated the Live feature very recently and now it is trending big time. Everyone seems to be going live at one time or the other. We don’t only get to see the celebrities going live but also our friends. For instance, a friend visiting the Niagara Falls may simply turn on Live feature and began broadcasting the trip to the world. You need Facebook app in order to start the live video broadcast. The process is very simple and anyone can learn to do it in no time.

  1. LiveStream

LiveStream is definitely one of the best broadcasting apps you will find. It takes broadcasting to a new level. It is not just meant for the casual smartphone users. You can broadcast the professional videos using the high-end video webcams and even professional grade video cameras. There is a smartphone app too but honestly it does not stand anywhere in comparison to the others. LiveStream is for more advanced users rather than the casual ones.


This is another great app to broadcast live and watch the live broadcasts of the other people. This app is available on the Android and iOS devices. The viewers can chat with each other and the broadcaster in the real time. This app is totally free to install and use. It is not as popular as Facebook or Periscope and not as feature-rich as LiveStream, but it is still worth a try.


How to get iMessage for windows computer

Instant messaging apps are the part of our lives now. Apps like WhatsApp and iMessage are used by millions of people around the globe. iMessage is considered to be one of the best instant messaging apps ever to be developed. But the problem is that it is Apple Inc.’s app and hence exclusive to the users of OSX or iOS.

Many people do not want to buy the expensive Apple products but they want to use the apps like iMessage. Although iMessage is exclusive, there are some ways to use it on the Windows computer. If you are wondering how to get iMessage for Windows Computer, here are the simple steps.

Downloading iMessage on Windows Computers

Remember that iMessage is not available for Windows using any official means. This is why we need to work around the rules.

You need an OSX emulator. As the name suggests, the OSX emulator creates the virtual environment of Mac computer right on the Windows PC or laptop. What you need to do is simply install an OSX emulator and you can have access to just about every app available to the Mac OS users.

There are a few emulators in the market but not all of them can be trusted. Some of them have been reported to have caused damage to the computer. Thankfully, there are some safe ones too, such as iPadian.

iPadian emulator is tried and tested and does not pose any risk. You can download it from website.

Install the iPadian emulator using the executable setup file. It will take only a couple of minutes to do so. Once it has been installed you can launch it. When the emulator is running the desktop of your Windows computer will start looking like the desktop of the Mac computer. You will also be able to see the famous doc of the Mac computer.

To use iMessage on Windows PC, you can search for the app in the search bar and install it. Once it has been installed you can locate it in the iPadian drawer. Open the iMessage app and start sending text messages, videos, audio, and pictures to your friends who are already using this app.


SHAREit for iOS: The Best Way to Transfer Files on iOS Devices

Why do we need apps like SHAREit you might ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Have you ever tried sharing files between the two mobile devices using Bluetooth? If not, try and share a large file using this connectivity method. There is a good chance you would already know how inconvenient it is to use Bluetooth especially when the file is large.

It is unreliable at best. But the things have been made easier because of the file sharing apps like SHAREit . This app was developed by Lenovo and has been around for a few years now. It will not be an exaggeration to say that it is the most popular app at this time for the iOS as well as Android users.

Features of SHAREit for iOS

  • First of all, SHAREit for iOS is not just for iOS. This means that this app is not exclusive to the iOS users. This also means that you can use this app to transfer files between an iOS and other devices (say Android). This cross platform feature is great because not everyone uses iPhone or iPad these days. An overwhelmingly large number of people are also using the Android phones.
  • It offers very high speed file transfer. You can transfer large files in quick time. Let’s say you had a 2GB movie on your iPhone you wanted to share with your friend. As long as both the phones are within the sharing range you will be able to transfer this file within 10 minutes. Isn’t this awesome?
  • What’s even amazing is thatSHAREit for iOS or for that matter any other platform does not use your mobile data. So, you don’t have to worry about using your data while transferring the large files.
  • SHAREit  is absolutely free for all the mobile phone users, whether Android, iOS or Windows.

Note : If you are looking for Shareit for windows, then you can download it using Bluestacks Emulator.

Easy to install and use

It is very easy to install and use this app on the iOS devices. All you need to do is go to the App Store (iTunes) and search for this app. Download it as usual.

The interface of this app is very user friendly. This makes it very easy to use.


Useful Applications that will Help a Novice Musician

It is very difficult for a beginner to select an appropriate application for use as plenty are available all claim to be perfect.  As a beginner you may not require lots of features needed in the semi-professional and professional set ups.  We can take a look at some of the applications which are tailor made for the beginners and simplify and not complicate life of newbie in this field.  These Apps don’t make you a professional artist or star so to say but definitely give you satisfaction in terms of creativity – the joy of creating your own music.

Figure App

Figure App is a free application by one of the most respected music-tech companies whose products are used by professional musicians. This application though makes sure that you don’t need to know anything about Drums, bass and melody and just go by your gut feeling and make your own music.  You can listen to other loops for inspiration and share your own when you are satisfied with your own music.

Sing Karaoke

This is another free application tailor made for the novice musicians.  The full feature version though comes for 2.29 Pounds.  You can virtually sing along with top singers and share it on the Internet.  If you are really that good you may get a call up from some band for audition.

Ninja Jamm

Ninja Tune made this innovative application for the beginners in mind.  The unique features of this application is that you can purchase pieces of music from top musicians and then remix or sing along with it and then post and share your new modification.


Although this Application is used frequently by the professional musicians but this has some features which are rather simple and can be used by novices.  You can move up the difficulty ladder if you use this Application.  This has been created logically just to do it one step at a time.  GarageBand for windows 10 with its ‘Smart Instrument’ option gives a novice a feel of a modern day music production where most of the music is actually digitally remastered.