A Cold War Amongst Chatting Apps

When the smartphones were not known and internet was confined to computers, instant messaging was limited to a couple of desktop applications. When smartphones started becoming smarter, instant messaging became popular on mobiles and SMS was all but replaced. During the early smartphone days, we had very limited choices in IM apps. That’s why there was no confusion in making the choice. But, the quality of messaging was also not too great.

Today, we have plenty of choices. There are so many chatting apps that it becomes somewhat difficult to make the right choice. Of course, WhatsApp has become the obvious choice and nearly everyone with smartphone has this app too. Since everyone is using WhatsApp, it has become more of a necessity than a matter of choice. But, users are always looking for additional messaging applications to find new ways to interact with their friends and family. As a result, many new chatting apps have come to the forefront leading to what we can call a cold war among them.

While WhatsApp is a clear winner here but many more messaging applications are making their presence felt.  You must have definitely heard of and probably used chatting apps like Messenger, Kik app, iMessage and Hangouts. Then we have less popular but still visible apps like WeChat. There is no denying that these apps are giving tough competition to each other and are fiercely vying to stay ahead in the race. Even apps like Kik app have hundreds of millions active users.

Every chatting app offers all the basic messaging services including the ability to send text messages, videos, audio, pictures, docs etc. They also let you make video and audio calls and create group chats. Some of the apps also offer some unique features. For instance, Kik app allows you to create a public group that anyone can look up for and join.

The truth is that majority of the users use only the basic features of the chatting app. This is why it is important for the developers to focus on enhancing the basic qualities. For example, they need to make sure that video calls are without any static and smooth. This is exactly where the cold war happens; getting better and better at the basic services. This gives one app edge over the other.

Here are various apps not available for windows PC and Mac as well. They can be used on Mobiles only so companies can bring their PC version too. Like, If you would like to download Kik messenger for PC or Mac, then you’ll have to find any Android emulator for it. Same thing you’ll face with Whatsapp, Wechat and others. It may help to gain more users to these apps.