4 Apps for Live-Streaming Video

Going live on social media has become very trendy these days. There is always some celebrity or a friend streaming their live videos on Facebook or any other platform. If you want to go live too, here is the list of the top apps you can use.

  1. Periscope

Periscope is a relatively new app but in a very short time it has gained immense popularity. Periscope has been acquired by Twitter and has become a mainstream social media app for live video broadcast. Periscope is mainly for mobile devices but if you wish to use Periscope on PC you can install an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Periscope is a very simple looking app but packs many powerful features. You can choose to go live publicly or privately.

  1. Facebook

Facebook has incorporated the Live feature very recently and now it is trending big time. Everyone seems to be going live at one time or the other. We don’t only get to see the celebrities going live but also our friends. For instance, a friend visiting the Niagara Falls may simply turn on Live feature and began broadcasting the trip to the world. You need Facebook app in order to start the live video broadcast. The process is very simple and anyone can learn to do it in no time.

  1. LiveStream

LiveStream is definitely one of the best broadcasting apps you will find. It takes broadcasting to a new level. It is not just meant for the casual smartphone users. You can broadcast the professional videos using the high-end video webcams and even professional grade video cameras. There is a smartphone app too but honestly it does not stand anywhere in comparison to the others. LiveStream is for more advanced users rather than the casual ones.


This is another great app to broadcast live and watch the live broadcasts of the other people. This app is available on the Android and iOS devices. The viewers can chat with each other and the broadcaster in the real time. This app is totally free to install and use. It is not as popular as Facebook or Periscope and not as feature-rich as LiveStream, but it is still worth a try.